in a perfect world of yancies: Congratulations Deron & Haley!

05 July 2010

Congratulations Deron & Haley!

Had a great time seeing everyone & celebrating Deron and Haley's wedding last week.
First Dance

We stayed at the wonderful Halcyon House Bed & Breakfast. Amazing rates, good food, great location. And fun mirrors in the bathroom:

Had a nice (though much too hot!) walk around campus at KU. Everything seemed to be in order, though there was a new, temporary art installation up:
Tree Art
It's called the Bedazzler, and is made up of saplings from local trees wrapped around a dying elm tree on campus. I'd never heard of the artist, Patrick Dougherty, but I really like this piece.

The Topeka Capital-Journal write-up touches on one aspect of the piece that I found especially compelling:
The wood sculpture has “one great year” before decomposition sets in, Dougherty said. When it is no longer bedazzling, the work will be removed and recycled. “The line between trash and treasure is thin,” Dougherty said.

Very cool.
Tree Art

In other news, I got a new KU hat to go with my new Brazil jersey.
Neither team quite lived up to its potential this year, but at least I look nice...

Hey, speaking of looking nice, weren't we here to talk about Haley and Deron?
Rehearsal footage:

Even more fun than the rehearsal was the dinner. The Lee's hosted a great party at The Top of the Tower in Topeka.
Top of the Tower!
The other windows boast views of the state capital, but I kind of like this view of the Kansas River valley, which Clay also appears to be enjoying.

A little enjoyable downtime the night before the big event:
Chris & Carrie

Yancy & Deron

And then, as we watched the USA's exciting-if-ultimately-frustrating loss to Ghana in the back room at the church (yay technology!), final touches were applied.
Chris & Yancy

Pocket Square?

Emily was there to help pin flowers, looking great in her new dress:

The stage is set:

I don't have much from the ceremony itself, but Emily got a pretty nice video of the recessional:

Deron and Haley hosted a very nice reception at the Kansas State Historical Society. And they looked very nice dancing together there:

I was a little slow to hit "record," but I captured a fair amount of Chris' toast. Good stuff:

And there you have it. There are a few more photos in a set on Flickr; if I happen across any more, I'll let you know.

In the meantime, Huzzah to Haley & Deron!


  1. Great photos! Glad the celebration was so enjoyable. And Emily's dress is a real showstopper!

    Mom D.

  2. Thanks to you both for being part of our big weekend -- and for helping document it.

    I'm a little upset that the Hyatt didn't have funhouse mirrors.

  3. Looking good "Seattle Powerhouse" couple! Em, love the dress. I remember partying with Deron at your apartment in Lawrence the year I interned in Nebraska. Good times ;-)

  4. Well DGL, if someone's not a little upset, my blog isn't doing its job :)

    Thanks all! It was a great trip, and I'm glad we were able to capture some of it here.