in a perfect world of yancies: Rainier, Snowier

25 March 2010

Rainier, Snowier

While I, ahem, tidy up that post on movies we've seen, here are some pics from our trip to Mt. Rainier:
On Paradise Valley Road
The aptly named Paradise Valley.

I'm standing on Paradise Valley Road, which, as you can see, is closed in the winter. (Or is it spring now? Well, you know what I mean.) During the summer? Jam-packed with people and cars. Crazy how quiet it was out there. We saw maybe 6 people in the two hours we spent out there on Tuesday...

This fox seemed to like the quiet too:
Fox on the road to Paradise

Hit lots of fog and snow on our first day:
In the fog above Paradise

Emily took this great photo:
Snowy tree

Snowy fun
And then we realized we were on an unmarked trail, so we turned back & drove down to the National Park Inn for dinner. Buffalo meatloaf: not bad.

Why not stay up at the Paradise Inn?
Closed for the season
Doesn't open until late May; I think you can see why.

Visitor Center, also closed for the season:
Also closed for the season

Next day we had a great hike, thanks to the guidance and maps provided by a helpful park ranger.
Paradise Valley
Paradise Valley.

Get some idea here of how deep the snow gets on the road this time of year:
Snow on the road

Possible candidate for a new profile picture:
Y and Mt. Rainier
What do you think, reader?

One last pic: Emily standing on a bridge over Paradise River:
Paradise River


  1. Fantastic!!!
    Looks like you two had a great time in a great place! I am jealous.
    Just now starting to get outside and back in shape after being confined indoor and away from sunlight by the doctor for two months.


  2. LOVE the possible new profile picture! and everything looks absolutely beautiful and super fun! I'm glad there was tons of snow for you guys, now I'll be interested to hear if your hips were sore afterwards (^_^)

  3. It looks so much different than when we were there. Beautiful! And what about health care?

  4. Thanks all!

    Definitely looks different--& almost no people! We're hoping to return to some of the same spots this summer to compare...

    Glad you're able to get back outside in time for spring, Raymond.

    No soreness to report, a*merrica, except for being sore at having to go to work the next day :)

    Health care is great news! Don't know if you caught it, but Mimi and I both went a little crazy with the Twitter as a result...

    Can't believe it actually worked! And I even read today that in a recent Gallup poll a majority of Americans are happy with the result!

    So, scary other stuff aside, a historic and wonderful moment. We should celebrate! How about a trip to Mt. Rainier?

  5. PS, you're seeing most of our photos here, but in case you want more, the full set is at

  6. Breathtaking, all of it! (Almost wish I hadn't watched that video because now I'm so jealous...) (But happy for you, of course!) Clever caption, the the way...