in a perfect world of yancies: 2010, Pt Two: Movies!

28 March 2010

2010, Pt Two: Movies!

Okay, I had a whole line-up of films I'd wanted to talk about, but instead I'm just focusing on one for now:


That embedded video's pretty tiny; for a bigger version, try this link.

I don't know if you'll get the chance to see it on screens that are big enough, as the release seems pretty limited, but it is just awesome. So fascinating. And pretty. And funny. And just cool.

Now, we saw the director recorder at a Q&A, and he explained that they tried to not make it too pretty, but come on, it's Montana, how can it not be pretty?

Speaking of it's Montana, it's Montana. I've seen some movies that have captured some of the feel of Montana--of course, there's A River Runs Through It, and Brokeback Mountain (okay, that's Wyoming, but close enough). But nothing has ever come close to this. Felt more like the Montana I know than anything short of being there...

Which is especially remarkable since I have absolutely no experience with sheep except in my suit coats and on my dinner plates; and I haven't spent much time near Big Timber. But something about it, you know?

And even aside from that, it was just such a cool experience. As Manohla Dargis said in the Times, it's a "wonderful" and "essential movie."

I really think you should see it, reader.


  1. Sounds awesome! I wonder how limited the limited release is...?

  2. Actually, according to the screenings page on the film's site, a decent number of you, reader, should be able to see it... at least if you're willing to drive a few miles.

    Opens at the Tivoli in Kansas City on April 13th.
    Block Cinema (?) in Evanston, IL on 23 April.

    Looks like the Bloomington, IN and Missoula, MT shows came and went in February, alas.

    But it will play in Big Timber starting 30 April, and in St. Louis on 14-16 May.

  3. Yikes! It's playing right now in Seattle. Have you gone yet?

  4. Yikes indeed!
    We went last weekend, but I've been trying to sell Emily on the idea of going again while it's here... we shall see.

    Loved it. Great film.