in a perfect world of yancies: Skating and More

18 January 2010

Skating and More

at Lynwood Bowl & Skate
Had a great time at Lynnwood Bowl & Skate this weekend. Emily showed off her skills on her skates, and Jon, Sara, and Yancy looked pretty good on their rentals, if I do say so myself.

All that, plus fun music, disco balls, and an adults-only "fast skate" = fun times in the suburbs.

Best pic of the day award goes to Sara, who got this great shot of Jon:


In other news, I have a nice new sweater, thanks to Emily and Benetton:
New sweater

And, as you may have heard, my Journal of the History of Philosophy article on Plato is finally out!

Just 13 months after they accepted it. But hey, good things are worth the wait, right?

To download your own personal copy, please go to my website.

Cheers, reader!


  1. Congratulations—how prestigious! And on page one!

    Skating looks like fun ...

  2. Thanks!

    The page one thing has more to do with Plato than me (earliest goes first, more or less), but I'll take it!