in a perfect world of yancies: ... And Happy New Year!

10 January 2010

... And Happy New Year!

Sorry for the delay...
Here's a taste of our trip back east:
IN the cold
Sure is cold in Indiana in December!

Luckily, as you may have heard, Fran and Dave's new place almost always has a nice warm fire going.

Meanwhile in McHenry, Emily and Mom D enjoyed eggnog and gifts:
Emily and Mom D

And in St. Charles, Amelia seemed to be enjoying the stuffed Banana Slug we got her on our visit to Olympic National Park:
Amelia and "Snail" the Banana Slug
She's named it Snail, which is close. And cute.

Okay, well, we have a nice new computer, which hopefully will help me post lots and lots of frequent and wonderful things here. Soon.

In the meantime: getting ready to teach a class on Leucippus and Democritus, a couple of guys from the Fifth Century BCE who believed that the world was made up of tiny, invisible particles called "atoms." Good stuff.


  1. Cute picture of Emily. Is that an animal in the background?

    Class sounds fascinating ...

  2. I only wish I had more time in class. But it seemed to go well, and the students and I agree that those two are fascinating!

    In the background is the famous (infamous?) Piper, DAve and Fran's dog. We were out watching her chase down tennis balls in the snow, snow which bothered her much less than it bothered us...