in a perfect world of yancies: Gotta Go

12 August 2009

Gotta Go

But before we leave for Texas, here are some photo highlights from last month:

In reverse order, I'll start with some MO shots.

Talking with Emily's uncle Larry

Group photo

(these were taken by Emily's uncle Scott)

(he's pretty good with a camera)

And from Montana, where we made paving stones in Bigfork:
E with cement

Emily made a star

I made a bike
(thanks for the help, E!)

We met Chet for a drink at a bar called the Rhino...
Chet, Yancy, Rhino

And he had dinner with us and Gina and Eponine
Chet, Gina, Eponine
Eponine also painted his nails, so that's nice

Chet is awfully patient
He sure is patient...

Had to stop for water on MacDonald Pass
fresh water

So tasty, and so cold!
so cold!

Alas, many trees have been hit by beetles.
beetle blight
But on the upside, it's a striking look, no?

Okay, I have a plane to catch.



  1. Can't believe what a good sport Chet is!

    Is Gina a weaver?

  2. Yes, Chet was almost disturbingly patient...

    If you're asking about that scarf, I don't know where it came from, but I'm pretty sure it's knit. She does sew a lot, though...

    Thanks for the comment. Happy Monday!

  3. There was something in the background that looked like a loom.

  4. Ah.
    I think that's a rack for drying clothes, but I'm not really sure...