in a perfect world of yancies: Burgers, Cushions, and Pads

24 August 2009

Burgers, Cushions, and Pads

Ever had a $15 hamburger? We hadn't either, so we went up to Lunchbox Laboratory recently.
at Lunchbox Laboratory
Lots of burger, tasty bun, toppings galore (the bacon on mine was almost as thick as the burger, for better or worse; definitely liked the jalapeño mayo, though); and fun sides like sweet potato fries with bacon salt, or tater tots with, well, just about any flavor you could imagine (rosemary? yes) combined with salt.

Worth $15? Well, I don't know, but we had a nice time. Here's Roman & his burger with what I believe is a blue cheese:
at Lunchbox Laboratory

In domestic news (?), we replaced our couch cushions with something a bit brighter:
new cushions
Hope you like them, reader!

And speaking of cushioning, Emily got some pads and wrist-guards so that she can roller skate with confidence on the, um, basketball courts of our neighborhood:
Okay, I guess the basketball court was just a practice thing, but isn't it a super cute look?

Bonus material:
Not sure if you saw it in the Twitter feed, but my review of a new book on Plato is live over on the Bryn Mawr site:

And I bought a hat:
can I pull off a hat?

Well, cheers, reader. Here's to a great week!


  1. Have there been any comments on your review? (I didn't want to subscribe to find out.)

  2. No need to subscribe, just follow this link.
    As you'll see, for better or worse, no, there are no comments.

    But the general comment feed for the journal site shows that (again, for better or worse) it's not a site that receives very many comments relative to the number of reviews posted...