in a perfect world of yancies: Now Put Your Hands Up

14 February 2009

Now Put Your Hands Up

Almost a mitten
Emily w/(almost) mitten

And in Emily's hand, cute cover for new phone:
We <3 Paul Frank

Unrelated bonus:
Band I like on Colbert--hey, wait, I have that sweater!

TV on the Radio

Extra bonus video:

It's the mother flippin' Hiphopopotamus, along with the Rhymenoceros.

Maybe we're late for the Flight of the Conchords bandwagon, but we're here now, and you probably should be too.

Triple bonus!

New haircut:
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Happy Presidents Day, reader!


  1. Emily's almost-mitten looks like some kind of torture rack.

    Julius!!! Aw ...

    Another cute 'do, Emily.


  2. Emily's new haircut is HOT!

    As for the mittens...they may be more comfortable without the wooden spikes...just a thought :o) But otherwise, totally cute