in a perfect world of yancies: Catching Up

27 February 2009

Catching Up

Those of you following E and I on Twitter may have already been through some of this before. Wow: is this what the newspapers feel like? Blogging undercuts papers, and then social networky stuff like Twitter undercuts blogging? Wait, would that mean that paper beats Twitter? Or is that a different game?

Anyway, what's new?

Let's see, Emily made some tasty carrot soup, pictured here with a little sherry vinegar drizzled on top:
Carrot soup w/sherry vinegar

And after a year and a half of trying to work at our tiny kitchen table, I finally decided to rearrange furniture, make some room, and ask Emily to help pick out a desk:
new desk!
Cute, no? From Area 51, a great store here in Capitol Hill.

And how is it working? Well, I just sat down this afternoon and have already written over 1,600 words for one of my book reviews! Woo! Yay for desks!

Finally, we saw another movie. (I know, but they're fun!)
Barry Jenkins
This time, though, the director was there to answer questions after it was over! How cool is that??

Movie is called Medicine for Melancholy. Got a great write-up in the Times, and someone seems to like it over on CHS, but it's like a super limited release thing, so look for it on DVD!

But just to get you interested, here's the trailer:

Have a great weekend!


  1. Great play on words—I couldn't decide whether to laugh or groan.

    Soup looks positively yummy. How about a photo of the mittens?

    Love the desk. And here I thought the reason you were behind with your work is because you spend so much time on the Internet. Who knew?

    Movie looks very interesting ...

  2. Yes, hopefully the desk will also help me get more done online: these once-a-week blog postings are getting kind of lame . . .

    Forgot about the mittens! But I'm told that things are being revised, so I may wait to see if a definitive version shows up.


  3. That desk is calling for some could play both at the same time, totally rock it out!

  4. I don't know if I'm qualified to rock as of now . . .

    But I'll definitely keep it in mind!

    It's really getting broken in now, in case you're wondering: there's a stack of papers almost tall enough to lose something in! Good old desks.