in a perfect world of yancies: Not Much New Here; and Holy F**k!

07 August 2006

Not Much New Here; and Holy F**k!

This was Sunday; as of tonight, all the books are, more or less, in place.

As you can see, it was some work to get everything stowed in the new place, but we're loving it. And it helps that neither of us has a job right now. . . .

I did get my book order in, and my syllabus is almost done. Eagerly awaiting 5 September, the first day of classes. Should be a lot of fun. Hopefully by then Emily will be happily working her afternoons away at the Augustana Special Collection/Archive. Here's hoping.

Wednesday, we make the drive to Chicago. Why, you ask? We got tickets to see Tom Waits! Holy F**k! As you can see from the Wikipedia link, he's only toured 11 times since 1973. Holy F**k! Should be great.

Then, on Friday, we're planning to see the fabulous Chris Lee in Sandy Takes a Break. Should be great.

I'll end by inviting you (or those of you who know Stephen Colbert's show enough to get this) to enjoy this photo-shop-ie thing Deron sent:


  1. Glad you're lovin' your new home. Enjoy the two shows. Break a leg, Chris!

  2. Thanks for the mention and the well wishes. Enjoy Tom.

  3. dang, I wanted to be above the Toronto Raptors! :(