in a perfect world of yancies: No Kidding

20 August 2006

No Kidding

We honestly saw this guy in Moline the other day.
Yes, that's a pipe and a cell phone, as he drives his motorcycle . . .

In other news, as my mom mentioned, Sandy Takes a Break did get a good review from the Reader--it's even marked as "Highly Recommended"! Huzzah!

As you can see, the bloom on the lily is coming along nicely.

Finally--and I hope she doesn't mind the publicity, cheers for Haley Harrison, who recently accepted a position at 6 News Lawrence.


  1. It sounds like you're having such a great time in your new home. I just got back to Lawrence and miss not having you here. You two are breaking my small, bitter heart. Lawrence just isn't the same without you (or Deron). I guess I'll just have to settle for Scott James...ha ha. Best wishes!

  2. Thanks for the Sandy comments - and thanks for coming to the show.

    Cell phone and pipe? Only in Moline.

  3. Hey, at least he's wearing a helmet.

    Grandma Campbell must be smiling down on you two. :)

    Congratulations, Haley! Good luck in your new position.

  4. That "Rock Island Line" song is apropos in more ways than one:

    "I may be right and I may be wrong, but you're sure going to miss me when I'm gone."