in a perfect world of yancies: welcome, Merrica!

20 December 2005

welcome, Merrica!

Merrica's back stateside, for the 1st time in like a year and a half; & she flew here Monday to attend a KU basketball game (against the Pepperdine Waves)

first things first: we had Merrica go ahead & open one present, a new KU hat . . .

and then Merrica & I trekked through the snow & got to the game just in time for tip-off; the seats were good, the place was packed; the team seemed off that night, but we had some fun anyway

Sasha Kaun at the free-throw line; unfortunately, the Jayhawks missed quite a few that night

well, this should be a photo of CJ Giles dunking the ball off an in-bounds pass; as many KU plays that night, though, it didn't quite work out . . . they did still win by 20 points, so not a total loss

say what you will about the game, it's always great fun at Allen Fieldhouse

today, we slept in a bit, then did a little last-minute shopping downtown

and it looks like I'll be flying to New York next week to interview for a job at the U of Wyoming--so cross your fingers that the transit strike ends soon!


ps, in case you can hear the music, props to my Mom for telling me that it's Jim Nabors' version that rocks that song

pps (added 21 December): I guess since I bought that song on iTunes, it'll only play on my computers; so now you can listen instead to this fun 'Rudolf The Red-Nosed Reindeer Mambo' and just think about how good that other song must've been . . .


  1. Welcome back, indeed -- and welcome "home" all three of you to celebrate Christmas!

    Cute hat, Merrica; I can't wait to see you model it in person.

    Yancy, good luck on your job interview. Aren't you glad the subway strike has ended?

  2. Hello again! Hope everyone's enjoying the holiday season....why would you have to go to NY for a Wyoming interview? And do you really want to leave your beloved Kansas? Marisa and I will be in NY the weekend of Jan 5, 7, 8, but we will be upstate. GOOD LUCK ON YOUR INTERVIEW!