in a perfect world of yancies: merry xmasses

27 December 2005

merry xmasses

some xmas photos, not exactly all in chronological order:

Merrica and Mom, ready for dinner on Christmas Eve

Mimi with the roast at my mom's

xmas at my mom's, with Emily, Dorothy, Merrica, and my mom

a funny t-shirt from my mom (translation available upon request)

Merrica seems pleased with this Times collection of stories about the Beatles

at Chris and Carries place, after seeing them both perform at Improv Olympic . . . funniest single joke? well, it has to be Carrie's talk of twins having sex in the womb--unstoppable

and on to Mimi's family:

well, although the roast at my mom's was big, it wasn't a nearly 20-pound rib roast . . . yow, Fran & Dave!

a whole lot of Campbells and relatives . . . and crying babies

and now, some bonus material:
a video of my cat grooming me--I know it's dark, but if you brighten your screen it should work

and a video of Braxton playing his new drum, with help from his, um, cousin once-removed, or something, Matthew Larkin

finally, the Chris Parnell/Andy Samberg song from SNL is available for free on iTunes, and it's just awesome: click here

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