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03 August 2015

I Don't Care if I Never Get Back

We had an awesome time at the Mariners game last weekend with Franklin and eight of his friends from daycare.
Tod 2 Mariners Game
(Click the arrow to see all the photos. Or take a look at the full album here.)

Took a lot of planning, but I'm so glad it all worked out!

We even got to see a strange and rare triple play. And the Mariners won with a walk-off home run in the tenth inning by Franklin (!) Gutiérrez.

Game highlights here:

Speaking of highlights, this summer has been so full I just can't keep up on the blog... but here are some places to look for more photos:


Emily's Instagram:

Yancy's Instagram:

Can't resist re-posting a little from there. Awesome running into Franklin's friend Beckham at the wading pool:

Best place to run into friends! #splash #ilovesummer

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And here's something I haven't posted anywhere else yet:
Pizza Lollipop!
Post haircut treat... pizza-flavored lollipop! (!?!?)

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