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24 January 2015

I Want to Be Big Like You, Okay?

Title's a recent favorite Franklin quote. Happening pretty quick too, though maybe not from his perspective...

Just a few bits of the last couple weeks:

Playing at his favorite park, Hiawatha:
Hiawatha Kick
Hard to spot with all the action, but note that as he's kicking the soccer ball he's also holding a tennis ball, ready to throw it :)

Snack break:
Hiawatha Snack

Followed, as you may have heard, by a tasty dinner at Circa:
Dinner at Circa
Tasty, and diaper-free! Exciting times!

Calmer moment at home last week:
Matching Towers
He's really into matching lately, so here he's trying to replicate the block towers on the box—glad we hung unto the box long enough for him to enjoy it on this level!

Less calm moment at daycare last week, as he and his classmates invited us (and Grandma, per Franklin's request) to a potluck and a play:
Play and Potluck

Goldilocks, with the kids trading off parts. Franklin ended up in a lead role, but as you'll see he missed a cue:

Or was he hamming it up for the crowd? Hmm...

Lest this end up being Franklin's blog, here's a bit from a couple of weeks ago:
Cocktails at Vito's (cool place!) before hearing some Baroque music at Town Hall.

Fun night, and I saw my first theorbo, so that's cool:

Otherwise, well, as you probably know the Seahawks are in the Super Bowl, and Franklin is excited:

Russell Wilson Jersey

And the Jayhawks are looking great lately too. Fun time watching them beat Texas today with Wendy and Roman and the rest of the Seattle KU alumni crew:
Cheering for KU with Roman

Go Jayhawks!
Rock Chalk, dear reader.

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