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25 September 2014

I Was Happy To See It

Can't believe I haven't posted here in three weeks! Oops!

So, okay, where did we leave off? Marmots? Okay, here's Franklin reminiscing about part of the trip:

Just for the record, the whole "I was angry to see it" thing seems to be his idea of a joke. And I think it's pretty cool that he now is apparently old enough to tell jokes :)

What else... Oh, this might have actually been filmed before the marmot trip. I forgot about it, but maybe it's still worth a look:

At home, Franklin and I have switched to staying home together on Thursdays. Today was an excellent mix of books, dinosaurs, lunch with Pete, and even a nice nap. No photos, but here's one from a couple weeks ago:
Train Fun 2

Beautiful end to the summer, as I'm sure you know:
It's Still Summer!

What else? Ah, Franklin's really coming along in the kitchen. Helped us make stuffed pasta a few days ago, cookies with Emily recently, and here they are working on the chicken curry recipe from the cookbook his daycare class put together:
Making Chicken Curry

Can't always eat at home of course:
Seattle Fish Co. Dinner

Also some nice outings, including some cross-country racing at the Sundodger Invitational:
Sundodger Invitational 2

Sundodger Invitational

And a cool KEXP mid-day show at the Triple Door. I'm wasn't sure Temples was his kind of thing, but he was pretty transfixed at the show. Lighting was low and dad was distracted, so no good photos from there.

Did give us a good excuse to meet up with Grandma and take the water taxi though:
Water Taxi

Water Taxi Panorama

Also still enjoying the new neighborhood, including all the toys waiting to be used at Ercolini Park:

And of course the beach. Monday was the last day of summer, so I felt like I should get Franklin from daycare early and head over there. He seemed okay with the idea:
Fun at Alki

Last Day of Summer!

Sand Castles

Even convinced Emily to come over after work:
After the Beach
Pretty solid end to a pretty solid summer.

And here's sunrise on the first day of fall:
Autumn Sunrise
So, not a bad start. Cheers!

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