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27 March 2014

Under the Trees

Cherry trees at UW were at 100% last weekend, so we called up Grandma and hopped on a bus to join the huge crowds and take a look:
Cherry Trees!
Wasn't the best timing for an outing, but Franklin and I put on brave faces after Stanford (their unofficial mascot is a tree--get it?) eliminated our Jayhawks from the NCAA tournament.

And of course we put on our Jayhawk hats!

And by sheer coincidence, the Seattle Times ran a letter I wrote the other day, accompanied by this cool drawing:

I just hope they run it in the print edition. I mean, given the subject matter, don't they almost have to??

Okay, well, how about more photos with the cherry trees:
Sun and Blossoms
Tough to get a good shot in such bright sun and such a big crowd.

Also tough to get Franklin to smile sometimes:
Cherry Selfie?
But for the record that look on his face makes me smile, so...

All right reader, I have one day left of spring "break," so I'd better go finish my syllabus for next quarter!

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  1. This post is a perfect example of why there are so many more pictures of Yancy and Franklin than there are of me. The picture selected that I am in, through no fault of my own, was the best option available. I take credit for being the best photographer in the (immediate) family. :)