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13 October 2013

Harvesting Fun

Family Pumpkin
Mid-October sure did show up in a hurry! Guess I've been too busy with all my reading to update you here, reader.

Anyway, great season so far! Jeff, Jenn, and Tyler invited us out to some farm land for pumpkin picking and other good times last weekend:
Pumpkin Picking

Pointing out the Pumpkin

Special thanks to Jeff for transporting the squash in style!
Pumpkin in a Wheelbarrow

In other produce news, Franklin is really into the Broadway Farmers Market now that apples are in season:
Kid's got taste!

Speaking of taste, I was pretty excited to be reading about some of my former students in this New York Times dance review!

Emily and I enjoyed seeing that new show—and saying Hi to people back stage!

Meanwhile, school's keeping us all pretty busy, but thankfully Franklin and I still get to spend Fridays together. Here we are out for coffee and cake at Vivace:
Cake & Coffee

All right, that about brings us up to date. Back to work on the seasonal decorations!
Pumpkin Kiss

Little Pumpkins

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