in a perfect world of yancies: Cinema, Sun, and More

29 May 2012

Cinema, Sun, and More

We just finished (sigh) a wonderful weekend. Began with a date night viewing of the excellent, not-quite-released movie Lola Versus at the Seattle International Film Festival:

Thanks again to our friends Bria and Michael for making sure Franklin was happy and peaceful that evening:
Safe and Sound on Date Night

Although we ducked out a little early to get back to him, we were able to enjoy part of the Q&A with the filmmakers:
Filmmaker Q&A after Lola Versus

On Saturday, we took advantage of the beautiful weather and spent the afternoon in Madison Valley and then at the Japanese Garden:
Franklin and Mom at the Japanese Garden

The Three of Us at the Japanese Garden

Franklin and Mom at the Japanese Garden 2

The Three of Us at the Japanese Garden 2
Thanks for the family photos, friendly strangers!

Sunday means farmers market, which means nice flowers and fresh foods:
Sunday Dinner

And Franklin continues to grow out of and into various clothes. Here are some recent favorites:
Not a Meat Eater

Trying on Some Jeans
Okay, in the mean time this is the last week of classes, so I'd better get going!
Cheers, reader.


  1. It looks like the weather has decided to cooperate in celebration of Franklin's first summer in Seattle!

    p.s. I am loving his "Not a meat eater" outfit. :)

  2. Thanks Sara! Our friend Dan sent some pretty funny outfits for Franklin... can't wait for him to get a little bigger so he can wear the "locally produced" one :)