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27 November 2011

Black Oak Holiday

Happy Thanksgiving
Great Thanksgiving with the Hughes family!

(And some Iwanski's; and some Campbells too, of course...)

Evan was in fine form:
Evan (2)

Dave and Fran tried out a great technique with the turkey: just popped all the meat off of the carcass and carved it afterward:
Carved and Ready to Serve
Sensible and delicious!

(Nice job cutting sage for the serving platter, Amelia!)

Good food, good wine; even some good sparkling grape juice for Emily and the kids:
Sparkling Grape Juice for Mimi

Hard to get everyone in one photo, but Fran got a good shot of most of us:
Happy Thanksgiving

We enjoyed the nice weather as we walked the property:
Seasonal Colors
I think Braxton has just about enough orange on to be visible to any hunters :)

Had some fun around a bonfire in the back yard:

This photo's a little dark, but I just love this shot of Dave, Fran, Evan, Magen, and Emily:
Family by the Fire

One last look around the area before we head home:
Scanning the Skies
Taken at the Goose Pond Fish and Wildlife Area, where they hold the hilariously named Marsh Madness.

Oh, and there are a few more photos in a set on Flickr if you're interested...

Hope you had a great holiday, reader!

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