in a perfect world of yancies: Hey, it's October!

13 October 2011

Hey, it's October!

What a month!

Did a nice fall hike to Tolmie Peak at Mt. Rainier recently.
Tolmie Peak Lookout
See the lookout tower? Maybe it's easier in the large version?

Supposed to have great views of the top of Rainier, but as you can see it was a little cloudy that day...

Still some nice views, though:
Yancy at Eunice Lake
That's Eunice Lake behind me. Beautiful wildflowers, even in October!

But could you imagine spending a summer there?
Tolmie Peak Lookout

Back in the warmth of our new home, we made a delicious and colorful chili this past weekend.
Just love this time of year!

We also render some pig fat and made our own lard, but maybe that's a post for another day...

In the meantime (and I know you've probably seen this before), how about one of our recent pictures of the amazing and photogenic EJ!
EJ 3 Oct. 11 09:34:20

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  1. Beautiful all the way around!

    Love, Grandma X :) X