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11 July 2011

Summer Brilliance

Is it Monday already? And mid-July? Yikes... Good start to the month, though.

Spent the 4th on The Joker, a boat that our friends booked for a combination birthday and Independence Day party.
On the Joker
Love that silly flag on the front of the boat :)

Emily with Nick, the birthday boy:
Happy Birthday Nick!

Amazing to see the fireworks from the lake.
Happy 4th
Nick & Ben

Next morning we left for Spokane. Emily had some work to do there, and we'd heard great things about Highway 2. Great drive, and part of the Cascade Loop, a scenic byway through western Washington.

Much better than the Interstate, but still a tiring drive by the end. Fortunately, Spokane has a number of nice outdoor pools, including the Comstock Aquatic Center, our first stop once we were in town:

For the rest of the week, I read about Aristotle while Emily finished some projects in the Spokane branch of the archive—she even put together an exhibit of historic medical artifacts:
Medical Case

But don't worry, there was also time for relaxation, including a nice dinner in Coeur d'Alene, followed by a sunset hike around Tubb's Hill.

Took Highway 2 again back home, and found a nice picnic spot on the Wenatchee River:
Wenatchee River Picnic
Yummy lunch from the The Gingerbread Factory. Tasty "Cool Hand Cuke" sandwich; and of course the cookie was good too!

Speaking of sweets, did you know that Liberty Orchards, makers of Aplets & Cotlets, is in Cashmere, on Highway 2? The factory was closed when we stopped by, but thankfully the store was open... and they have free samples!

Before getting back to the city, we enjoyed the short trail at Deception Falls, not far from Stevens Pass:
Deception Falls

Deception Falls

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  1. You two sure do get around—more power to you!