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12 February 2011

Around Town

What a week!

On a lighter note, take a look at these delicious cookies from Café Presse:

And I had the chance to experience the easy part of Emily's bike commute (we skipped the incredibly steep (though well-named) Yancy Street).

Here's a map of her route:

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We took a right after the bridge and headed up toward Alki (northern tip of West Seattle).

Plenty of fun, though. Cool to ride underneath the viaduct:
Under the Viaduct

Hey, speaking of, Danny Westneat is right: let's save part of the viaduct and build a cool park!


  1. Yancy Street, eh? That's pretty cool (^_^)

  2. So Emily rides her bike to work???

  3. Love the pink jacket!!!

    Mom D.

  4. Yes, she rides sometimes--maybe twice a week when the weather's nice.

    Got a lot of bike-commuting gear for Christmas, including the awesome jacket. But she still needs fenders, so she's only ridden to work once so far in '11...

  5. That's awesome! How far is that? I miss riding my bike to work :(

  6. It is pretty awesome. Google says it's 7.4 miles one-way, and who am I to argue?

    Hope you can find some good bike routes out there in the wilds of Massachusetts, Pravina!