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25 October 2010

Yes, It's True: I ♥ NY

Among the many things we enjoyed in New York, maybe what I liked the most was simply walking around surrounded by millions of people, and surrounded by some of the best food, theater, art, and literature in the world.

Not the best coffee, though: turns out there's at least one thing we do better here :)

Originally I'd planned to split this into multiple posts, but I'm hoping that putting everything in one place will help convey some of the feeling of being in Manhattan, where it really does feel like just about everything is in one place...

Anyway, we enjoyed a interesting and impressive exhibit about Mark Twain at the Morgan Library.

They also had some cool Lichtenstein drawings, but we'd taken the overnight flight, and it was around then that I started day-dreaming about checking into the hotel for a nap...

Our main reason for visiting was the annual meeting of the Society for Ancient Greek Philosophy (SAGP) with the Society for the Study of Islamic Philosophy and Science (SSIPS). It's a huge, inclusive, and fascinating conference. I organized and chaired a panel about Plato featuring myself, my current department chair, and my dissertation advisor. From my point of view, it went very well, but my paper was about how things might look different to different people, so I suppose you never know...

Meanwhile, Emily spent the day with her college roommate, Jessica, Jessica's husband Jer, and their daughter Susannah:
Susannah, Jessica, and Jer
I wish I could have seen them too, but at least Emily got some great photos!

Just a few days before we left for New York, we happend to see the play Alphabetical Order reviewed in the Times.

A positive review of a play about a newspaper archive? I mean, the two of us really had no choice. Was in the very tiny and very cute Clurman Theater.
Clurman Theater
And it was very good.

On our last morning in town, we took the ferry over to Ellis Island. The whole experience was fascinating and I'd even say awe-inspiring.

We were especially interested in the travelling exhibit called Women & Spirit: Catholic Sisters in America, which featured some items from Providence Archives.
Emily & Mother Joseph
Cool exhibit--impressive what these women accomplished.

On either a lighter or a grimmer note, here's an excerpt from an ad for one of the orders:
No Salary; No Recompense

Okay, I'll end where we began, with a few more photos from the High Line.
Yancy and Windows

An amphitheater overlooking what must be, what, 9th Avenue 10th Avenue?
View from the High Line

More park on the way, not quite ready:

I love how they left the rails:
Keep It Wild

Okay, when can I go back?

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  1. Once again, you've managed to pack a week's worth of activities into a few days! It's taken me several reads to absorb it all.

    I used to love going to Manhattan: you could begin to feel the electricity and vibrancy while still crossing the bridge.

    Time magazine did a special feature on Mark Twain a while back; it was fascinating. His criticisms were spot on—and witty!

    Your conference panel sounds very impressive; congratulations!

    What a good-looking and happy family!

    Glad you enjoyed the play.

    And glad to see Mother Joseph properly acknowledged.

    High Line Park is a brilliant idea!

    Whew! I guess that's it for my comments.

    Mom D.