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21 October 2009

Was and Will Be

Well, a few days ago I mentioned a great sunset on Twitter. A bit late, but here's the best photo we could come up with:
Kind of hard to see, but if you look toward the bottom, you'll see we weren't alone with our cameras. Saw cars literally stopping in the middle of streets to take pictures. Sunsets don't usually look like that here...

Also pretty--the Grizzly Bear show at the Moore:
grizzly bear 1

Hard to convey, of course, but here's a clip of one of the weirder songs (from a different live show), which I really like:

Even weirder, perhaps: it's a cover of a song originally recorded by the 60's girl-group the Crystals.
I don't know about you, reader, but I think his voice is just magical. And beautiful.

Lastly, we only have three more months of waiting and then my article of Plato's Republic will be out!
coming soon
Online table of contents--complete with an abstract of my paper!--available here.

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  1. Cool sunset ...

    Weird song, I agree ...