in a perfect world of yancies: Yep, Snow

04 December 2007

Yep, Snow

Merrica and Jeff drove in from Helena for the weekend. Was fun; and we got to see a rare snowy day in Seattle. (More on their drive home below.)

Cal Anderson Park, Saturday afternoon

Maybe the weirdest part was that as soon as they arrived Merrica (yes, Merrica!) suggested Japanese for dinner.

At Hana

Then it was off to a show:

Les Savy Fav

It was pretty good, but I may be getting a little old for it . . . (no comment on whether or not that also applies to the lead singer.)

Next morning, we took them to B & O, which was great as usual.

Isn't my cappuccino cute?

Merrica was a little tired at breakfast on Saturday (did I mention that the band didn't go on until 11:30?)

And it snowed!

In the snow

Jeff is a fan of beer (so of course I like him): we sampled the fare at Elysian Brewing Company on Saturday, and then at Pike Brewing Company later the same day.

I think there is a subtle clue in the photo that should enable you to provide your own caption . . .

As for the drive home, they made it, but it took a little extra time, since the weather was pretty rough. I hear they had to wait like an hour for the avalanche crew to work on the pass outside of Seattle. (Us? At a bar watching Kansas basketball, obviously.)

Taken from the Washington State Department of Transportation's webcam on top of Snoqualmie Pass right around the time Merrica and Jeff were up there on their way home

In other news, we started getting into the December spirit.

Mimi with our tree

First ornament on the tree

And just in time for her birthday (or maybe for Christmas?), Amelia's cape is almost done; and it *almost* fits Emily


  1. Sounds like another great weekend!


  2. Can't wait to see a photo of Amelia in her new cape. (Although it looks pretty cute on Emily!)