in a perfect world of yancies: Amelia, A Birthday, A Winery, A Trip to Japan

17 May 2007

Amelia, A Birthday, A Winery, A Trip to Japan

Recently, we had the pleasure of visiting little Amelia (pictured here w/aunt Mimi) in St. Charles (& I guess we saw the rest of her family too (?)). In fact, Emily and I were asked to be her god-parents. Done.

After the ceremony.

With Magen.

Also recently we made a trip into the city (to Andy's Jazz Club, right downtown) to toast Chris Lee's 30th.

Carrie cutting the cake with a giant chef's knife (guess jazz clubs don't usually serve birthday cakes: surprising, I know).

The lovely couple.

Recently, I too had a birthday (how old? I'll never tell). One gift was a membership to a wine club at a winery outside of town (thanks, Dad and Rhonda!), called Lavender Crest. Because I am both busy and lazy, we just got out there last weekend, but maybe that was for the best, since it was a beautiful day: perfect for sitting outside near some (ornamental, but whatever) grape vines & sipping some local wine.

(Waiting for the wine . . .)

And finally, my mom just returned from a visit to Japan to see Merrica. Since Merrica's slow with the blogging these days, here are a few of my favorite photos from the visit:

Want captions? stories? details? Me too.

(Oh, and please enjoy the song now playing. If this Amy Winehouse is so trendy, then she can show up here, right?)


  1. Oh, and it looks like the Sandy Takes a Break videos are gone from Hope you (except my mom, who I know couldn't see them) enjoyed them while you had the chance. . . .

  2. Gosh—nothing for so long and then so much at once! (Is there a character limit on comments?)

    Congratulations, Amelia! and Happy Birthday, Chris! Lavendar Crest sounds like a neat place.

    Many, many thanks to Yancy and Emily for orchestrating my trip to Japan, from establishing the initial savings account to purchasing the actual ticket; to the generous souls who contributed to the Japan Fund; and to Merrica for going all out to show me so many wonderful sights and introduce me to her friends and colleagues. God bless all of you!


  3. P.S. If you're serious about wanting captions:

    1) Entrance to Towada City Shinto Shrine;
    2) Enjoying Okonomiyaki ("everything you like, fried");
    3) Hirosaki Castle;
    4) Merrica & Francis (a/k/a "Frank") from Darby, England, at Kakunodate;
    5) Pagoda at Sensoji Buddhist Temple in Asakusa (Tokyo);
    6) Dining on Geioza and Ramen;
    7) Towada Lake