in a perfect world of yancies: cheers, patient reader

27 December 2006

cheers, patient reader

What better surprise after a busy December than homemade eggnog! Delicious. And made with freshly grated whole nutmeg! Mmm. Recipe here.

Maybe some homemade slippers to go with it? Mmm.


Braxton enjoying a homemade remote-controlled gift (okay, not homemade; whatever).

Dave, Braxton, Magen, Amelia, Dave, Fran, Emily, Yancy

Mimi with Amelia.

Amelia, one more time.

Mimi with Braxton

How about homemade marshmallows?

Okay, fine: Braxton with his new sister Amelia:

Happy New Year!

PS, On a completely unrelated note, Tom Waits released a new album last month, and this adaptation of a Bukowski poem (now playing) is, for my money, beautiful. Please enjoy.

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  1. Great pictures! Great memories!
    Happy New Year to all...