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13 November 2006


We had the pleasure of attending Chris and Carrie's much-anticipated wedding, at Maxim's in Chicago. A grand time.

Rev. Dr. Lee, Chris, Carrie, Mrs. Lee

A shot of the band, the Reinvasion (because they play a lot of British Invasion covers--get it?) they were pretty damn good, I'd say (if anyone has heard of them, we'd love to have a link to their website (do they have a website? doesn't everyone have a website?))

Please enjoy this brief film of the couple's first dance:

Greeting the crowd after the (lovely--of course!) ceremony

This clip is long, and you can't see much . . . but if you play it, you'll hear Deron's toast to Chris and Carrie; a treat, I promise:

Paul and Angie

Deron and Haley (can you believe it? Deron's in a suit!)

And away they went


  1. Please enjoy the song now playing, which is one of the great tracks on the CD that Chris & Carrie made for their guests.

  2. This was the least lame wedding I've ever attended...and I've seen some lame weddings. I had such a great time. All the girls here at work were so glad to see pictures since I told them all about it today. Thanks Yancy!
    By the way...that mix they made for us is the best thing since sliced bread.

  3. Thanks for coming and thanks for the publicity. I'm going to upload that YouTube clip like 20,000 times so they put it up on their homepage.

  4. Thanks, Deron, for the link and the correction--I knew I must have had something wrong about that band . . .

    was great to see everyone

    oh, and if anyone (or their mothers) has any pictures they'd like to email to me, I'd love to have them

  5. I want to make an edit to my previous post. As Deron kindly pointed out to me, when I said it was the "least lame" wedding I've been to, I meant it was not lame at all. Lets try this. It was the "hippest wedding I've ever been to." Just wanted to make that clear.

  6. I don't know -- still sounds like damning with faint praise.

    Don't you mean it was the most meaningful, best-officiated, most lavish, and most 100% foolproof wedding you've ever witnessed?

  7. Yeah, but it was still a wedding . . .

    In all honesty, I like Haley's first formulation. Don't get me wrong, I had a fabulous time; but I can see the urge to qualify.
    Love is beautiful, of course, but not often fun for spectators. . . .

    "best-officiated": that's top-notch

  8. I will add this, though, without any qualifying:
    Chris and Carrie are the coolest.